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Dr. Randall W. A. Davidson, a leading theater health and safety expert with
more than 78 years of experience worldwide, presents his new 3-book boxed edition set...

Dr. Davidson's Eye on Theater Health and Safety
An Administrative Overview | Setting the Stage | On Stage

About the 3-Volume Boxed Edition Book Set

These three books, a boxed set, are a call to action to protect and save students and instructors in the performing arts worldwide. At this time of severe cuts in Arts programs, these volumes will provide the professional theatre person a detailed blueprint of practical health and safety guides.

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An Administrative Overview
Setting the Stage
On Stage

Dr. Davidson's new three-volume book series is an imperative for those who would identify and assess hazards and risks in the performing arts arena, especially in the secondary school market, where young minds and bodies are at risk daily. The purpose of his life's work is, in his words, 'the selling of health, safety, and a safe working environment to the administrators of every school district and school in the world'. This involves every aspect of the analysis of risks faced, an assessment of the approach required to mitigate that risk, and the application of steps and procedures to ensure those risks are removed, or at least minimized, in all theater settings.

These three books are divided in a manner that allows them to be bought as a set and distributed separately to the personnel who are involved with the subject matter in each: administration, which is responsible for the overview of the entire program; the on-stage personnel who handle props, settings, curtains, and the myriad other steps on the stage itself; the areas involved with setting the stage, such as the skill sets involved the stage equipment, the shops and storage required for that, and the environmental concerns in handling all of these.

The breadth and analysis is staggering, ranging from crowd management both in approaching the venue to inside the facility blocks and tackle and catwalks, from hazardous wastes and their disposal to the proper storage of equipment for its future use. No stone is left unturned in analyzing the setting, identifying the risks involved, and proposing solutions to each and every hazard. A list of 500 hazards encountered and included for easy reference has been culled from Dr. Doom's five decades of overseeing and inspecting theaters around the world.

These texts are a must-read for any person interested in or involved with the theater. This includes parents, administrators, boards of directors, and personnel. Through photos and text, they point out the hazards and risks to those individuals who, by law, are elected, hired, or appointed to operate performing arts facilities in a healthy and safe environment. Right practices and wrong practices are pointed out. The material may be startling to some, but the author's hope is that it will be a major wakeup call to all those who work in and administer theater facilities and activities. The purpose of these books is to motivate major re-thinking and necessary changes regarding health and safety practices in the performing arts at all levels. These volumes provide readers with over 840 pages of pertinent health and safety information, pointing out hazardous conditions and recommended practices, and is a call to action to protect and save everyone in the performing arts worldwide.

The Author

Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson

Dr. Randall W. A. Davidson is a leading expert in the field of health, safety and risk management. He has made thousands of risk assessments of schools and public venues across the United States and is renowned for his health and safety workshops in the entertainment industry. His unstinting concern for the protection of workers, actors, and audiences in theater productions - and students in school theater programs - is legendary. He is a pre-eminent figure in the field of health, safety and risk management, and has clients around the globe in the fields of entertainment, education, and government.

Who Needs These Books?

These books are written for anyone involved in operating or participating in a performing arts program. But the following professionals should also have these books:

  • College and university theater and performing arts teachers
  • Private school headmasters and deans
  • After-school theater groups
  • Community theater groups
  • Church performing arts and theater groups
  • Health and safety officers
  • Risk managers
  • School insurance carriers
  • Personal liability attorneys
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • Parents
  • Students
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