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Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson

Order your boxed set of 3 books of Dr. Davidson's Eye on Theatre Health & Safety! These volumes present a series of day-to-day risk management guidelines and is a must-read for parents, administrators, boards of directors, and personnel who oversee school performing arts programs.

Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson is an international specialist and consultant/expert in Public Assembly, all areas of Entertainment, Health and Safety, Environmental Assessments and Audits, Code and Standard Development, and a Product Liability Specialist and Analyst.

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An Administrative Overview
Setting the Stage
On Stage
Category: Risk Management in the Performing Arts, Theater Health and Safety
Publisher: Risk International Publishing
Format: Hardcover, 3 Volumes, Approx. 280+ pages each volume.
Pub Date: April 2009
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"Books every educator needs for a safe theater program!"

Jon Niska
Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division

"It should serve as a reference for regulating educational theaters - not only for High School theater, but for all types of theater operations."

Martha H. Curtis
Sr. Fire Service Specialist/Staff Liaison

"I have had these books now for about two months and want to say how much these books are an "eye opener". These books are written for anyone who works in a theatre of any kind or size, but is geared for the educational theatres, which numbers in the thousands throughout the country.

I have been in the profession for 25 years and have searched high and low for such a resource to help me make my theatre safe. These books should be found right next to the Backstage Handbook and all the other great reference books on one's desk."

Ronald W. Mahan
Stage Instructor/Stage Director
Woodrow Wilson Classical High School
Long Beach, California

"I'll throw in my admiration for these books, as well. Excellent books. Glad I got them."

Jon Ares

"I have been looking for books like these."

Lt. Frank W. Raike
Office of the Fire Marshal
Orange County Fire Rescue Department

"Congratulations [Dr. Davidson] on having stuck to it...and leading the crusade all these years. These books are a major tribute to your undying passion."

Patricia MacKay
Former editor of Theater Crafts and Lighting Dimensions

"What splendid books! These books should scare administrators. Your photographs should send a bolt of fear down the spines of all those working in not only school theatre, but any theatre."

Ralph Pine
Former owner and editor of Drama Books Publications,
and Drama Publishing of New York City

"These new books by Randy Davidson, also known in the industry as Dr. Doom because of his hardline approach to theater fire safety, are of interest to any who work in or inspect legitimate theaters and high school or community theaters.

Dr. Davidson has served on building and fire code committees for decades and is well respected in his field.

The books are unique in addressing questions of fire safety for stages and audiences that codes only elude to in their requirements. They appear on my bookshelf as a read and used reference."

Greg Cahanin
Gregory J. Cahanin Fire & Code Consulting

"The most current and comprehensive books on theater health and safety."

Barbara Shore

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